Company Update from

The CEO, Prudent Business Group

Olaoluwa Davies.

Our Statement

Prudent Business Group, PBG before now has been committed to ensuring the convienience and well being of our staff and has continued in that line considering  the trying period that we are currently in. We have encouraged and mandated our staff to work remotely to keep them safe and allow them obeserve the safety measures provided by the government and health agencies in regions and locations where our businesses are operational.

Workflow and Our Staff

In ensuring smooth work  flow and comfortability of our staff in the discharge of their duty, we have provided tools and effective communication channels for collaboration across all our teams irrespective of their location.

Also, during this period we have successfully commenced our partnership with RESCO International, and UK fast.

Training Opportunities for everyone

Being a certified training provider, with world class accredited certification for the training courses we provide, we are offering training courses to people to help them sharpen the skills they already have, get new skills and equip themselves better for the opportunities that might present itself to them after this pandemic is over.

We have also looked inward to ensure our staff also benefits from series of accreditted trainings while working with us and have also extended this opportunity to our new intakes.

Helping other Businesses

Presently, we are working round the clock to make Digital solutions and services readily available, accessible as well as cost effective to all businesses and Individuals in need of it across West Africa and in the UK.

However, we understand the difficult position in terms of finances that the pandemic has caused many businesses, in view of this we are offering various discounts across various packages to make our digital services and solutions affordable and available for  SMEs that needs these services the most this period.

Supporting those in need

Our major focus is helping children in need, and we  have provided assistance to children in various ways to meet their specific needs under our foundation Scheme. We will continuously provide them the support they need at every point in time.

New Business prospect

Business has continued for us and we are constantly looking at new ways to help industries and businesses. We will like you to know that we are working on a product launch for the real estate industry, which is something you should look out for.

Finally, we want to appreciate you for believing and trusting us enough to work with us. We will continue to do our best and improve in our service delivery to you better than we have in the time past.